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Constantly washing your hands and practicing social distancing is a key measure to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. But what about your carpets, the virus which has claimed over 80,000 deaths worldwide can travel on the soles of shoes. Let us disinfecting your carpets and preventing the spread of Coronavirus!

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are several methods, cleaning companies use to clean a carpet; bonnet cleaning, shampooing, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and encapsulation. Amongst the five, the most commonly used methods are dry and wet cleaning of the carpet. 

Wet Cleaning A Carpet To Kill The Coronavirus

Steam cleaning is the most popular wet cleaning method which is also called ‘hot water extraction’ cleaning. 

Steam cleaning of a carpet is done via high-pressure hot water jets which disturb the carpet fibers, thus cleaning out all dirt and eliminating odor.

Fresh Look Minus Bacteria

Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process that dissolves dirt and gives your carpet a fresh new look minus any harmful bacteria.

Drying Time is Required for Best Results

This method requires some drying time and may not be suitable for carpets made with delicate fibers. We know the COVID-19 virus is sensitive to heat. This method of sanitizing your carpet seems best.

Dry Cleaning A Carpet To Sanitise Against COVID-19 Virus

Chemical powders or foams are used to clean the carpet in the dry cleaning process, which is also called ‘compound cleaning. Special machinery, such as carpet brushes or rotating pads are used by cleaning companies to disinfect and clean the carpets with the chemicals. 

Right Tools are Essential

It’s important that the right tools are used to agitate the carpet fibers and get at deep-seated dirt. And is the safest method to use on delicate carpets. Dry cleaning requires no drying time. Leaving your carpets are bacteria-free and good as new.

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