Selling your home can be a stressful experience, and nobody wants their property to be stuck on the market for months at a time. If you’ve found your dream home, you’ll want to sell fast, and that can mean making improvements around your home and showing it at its absolute best. While you may not want to invest in re-decorating or new flooring, there are smaller things you can do such as booking a professional clean that can make a big difference. Here’s why those who are trying to sell their home should invest in carpet cleaning before viewings. Creating a great first impression It’s important that your home looks its best when people walk into the property, and it only takes a few seconds for them to spot something off-putting such as a carpet stain which can put them in a negative mood. If buyers spot a grimy, older looking carpet, then they’re already mentally calculating how much a replacement will cost. By investing in carpet cleaning in Fremantle, you can be sure your carpets look their best for viewings, so buyers aren’t distracted by small imperfections. Even if your carpet looks dated at this point, keeping it clean can make a big difference. It shows that your house has been well cared for and maintained, and that it’s a well-loved home. Properties that look dirty give the impression that they’ve been neglected, which is instantly off-putting for buyers.

Odour removal

Every home has a unique smell, and even if it’s not necessarily a bad smell, it’s still something that stops people from feeling at home. Smells are one of the main things that put off home buyers, and carpets and upholstery can often trap odours, which can only be released with a professional deep clean. Some smells that put off buyers include:

  • Pet odours
  • Cooking smells
  • Strong perfumes and air fresheners
  • Incense and heavily scented candles
  • Body odours
  • Damp

Many of these smells can’t simply be covered by air freshener, and so steam or dry cleaning is the only option.

Pets can be particularly problematic when trying to sell a house. While you might love your furry friend, buyers might despise the smell that’s left behind, or even worse be allergic. Cleaning your carpets can help remove traces of pet hair and dander, helping to prevent triggering allergies of those viewing your home. If your pets have had little accidents around the home, then methods such as steam cleaning can clean and sterilise the carpets, so you don’t have to be embarrassed by lingering smells.


Clean, don’t replace

If you are trying to sell your home, you might be tempted to replace all the carpets, but this can cost thousands. It’s usually wasted on a buyer, who’ll want to put their own stamp on the house anyway, so why spend money when it’s potentially going to be torn-up in a few months? Steam or dry cleaning a carpet not only removes stains, it also fluffs up the fibres, so it can rejuvenate older floors. This means you aren’t having to spend a lot of money, and go through the inconvenience of carpet replacement, but still get the feeling of newness.

Move-in ready

If floors are grubby or dirty, then buyers know they’ll have to sort out cleaning or replacement as soon as they move in. Moving is stressful, and nobody wants to deal with sorting out these things while they’re settling in and have a thousand other chores that need doing. By having carpets cleaned, you help ensure your home is in move-in ready condition, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

A fresh feeling

Put yourself into the shoes of a buyer. When you move into a new property, you want it to feel as fresh and new as possible. Whether it’s a newly painted wall or a cleaned carpet, making minor improvements to your home can prevent it from feeling dated and lived-in, creating a blank canvas for potential buyers.


Getting a good offer

While you might have a certain price in mind for your home, buyers will always look for ways to bring this down. If carpets are dirty and stained, they may use this as an excuse to put in a lower offer, which means you lose money when selling your home. Therefore, spending some cash now on a carpet cleaning service could save money in the long run.


Carpet cleaners will need to move furniture to clean properly, and this can be a good excuse for a de-clutter. While homes for sale shouldn’t be too clinical and impersonal, it’s a good idea to clear bookcases of anything that could be seen as clutter. When you schedule a carpet clean, it’s also a good time to think about the layout of the room, so you can create a greater feeling of space.

Other services

There are other cleaning services that can be useful when you try to sell your home. Upholstery cleaning is a good idea to brighten up your furniture. Although you won’t be leaving it for buyers, items such as sofas are often the focal point of a room, and anything grubby can make the room look dirty. Tile and grout cleaning is great for freshening up kitchens and bathrooms, and is an easier and cheaper option than replacing them.

If you’re trying to sell your home, then an important thing to put on your to do list is carpet cleaning. It may seem like a small thing, but the cleanliness of your carpet contributes to the overall atmosphere of a room, and a dirty carpet can be smelly and off-putting. It’s important that buyers get a great first impression of your home, and that it looks fresh and well looked after, so investing in professional carpet cleaning makes sense. Whether it’s removing stains or just improving the odour and rejuvenating an old carpet, it’s surprising just how much difference carpet cleaning can make to your home.


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