Perth A professional carpet cleaning service. Have you been thinking about getting a professional cleaning service to clean your carpets? When in doubt, it is best to dig deeper. Let us discuss how professional carpet cleaners in Perth do their job.

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Tips for your routine cleaning: For a perfect vacuum job, take the time to move furniture and any other items from the carpet. Set the vacuum to the proper height for your type of carpet to get the strongest suction. (So rugs thick pile etc.) Vacuum slowly and go over high-traffic areas several times and you will get the best results -better still call expert carpet cleaners

Professional Carpet Cleaning Step 1 – Dry Dirt Removal

Your professional carpet cleaner will start with vacuuming. They use a vacuum with a power head to remove even deeply embedded dirt particles out of the carpet. This step is essential even when steam cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Step 2 – Dirt Suspension

As the definition indicates, this step involves loosening and suspending dirt, ready to be removed. Dirt suspension is a three part process.

Using the Right Detergent

They use detergent to lift dirt stains off the carpets. It is necessary to use a detergent mild enough so as not to damage the carpets, yet strong enough to be effective.

Applying Heat

They apply heat to make cleaning more effective. The detergent solution needs to be warm for the cleaning process to be effective.

Using Agitation to Remove Stubborn Stains

If the carpets have been badly soiled, they will use a rotary scrubbing machine. Otherwise, they would just scrub stubborn stains with a brush.

There is a finer point to dirt suspension; time. Any professional carpet cleaner worth their salt will give time for the detergent to work.

Perth East Perth Carpet Cleaning – Step 3 – Suspended Soil Removal

Once the dirt has been loosened, they remove it all. There are different ways of doing this. Some use wet vacuuming while others absorb dirt with a machine (dry carpet cleaning). The other method is called steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Step 4 – Carpet Grooming

We use a tool called a carpet rake to give a proper finish to the cleaning job. While this step is not absolutely necessary, it helps to improve the look of your carpets. As a result, your carpets would smell lovely and look and feel as if professional carpet cleaners have been at it.

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A perfect finish

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