Perth East Perth Dry Carpet Cleaner. Having your carpet dry-cleaned using a dry carpet cleaner is another option to steam cleaning. Dry cleaning vs. steam cleaning is a simple comparison. If you decide to rent a steam cleaner, the process is simple. A mix of cleaning solution and hot water will be passed over your carpet by the machine slowly, washing it and then sucking out the dirty water and disposing of it. This method will leave your carpets clean, but you will have to wait 12-24 hours for them to dry. Keep in mind that a professional steam cleaner will leave your carpets cleaner and they will dry much faster. Their machines are much more potent than the one you can buy or rent. Why not try dry carpet cleaners?

System Using Dry Carpet Cleaner

Dry carpet cleaner on the other hands offers you a carpet cleaner method with almost no drying time. Using the dry carpet cleaner method is easy and practical. Chemical agents are the cleaning products used instead of detergent and hot water for steam cleaning. Dry cleaning your carpet or rugs are just like getting your clothes dry-cleaned. For carpets and rugs, this is done with a specialized machine. We are all familiar with dry cleaning, but maybe this is your first time you are trying it on your carpet.

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The dry cleaning carpet system is perfect for businesses that can’t close down for drying time. Dry cleaning is also handy for apartment buildings and places where access is difficult. It’s such a luxury to be able to walk on dry clean carpet in just a matter of moments.

Dry cleaning your carpet is longer lasting than most methods and leaves your carpet refreshed and clean. Just like new! The new technology permits no moisture or very low moisture cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is also an excellent idea for carpet stains and allergens. A clean carpet is healthier for everybody.

Stains and Heavily Soiled Areas

When getting your carpet dry cleaned for stains or because the whole carpet is dirty stains and heavily soiled areas will be pre-treated. If you need to treat a stain it is recommended that you have that treated first and after have the whole carpet cleaned. Otherwise, the stained area may look cleaner than the rest. It’s just a part of overall carpet maintenance.

No matter how careful you are, over time, you will have little stains and darkening in high traffic areas. Cleaning not only applies to hotels and apartment buildings but your home as well. You may take off your shoes before entering your home, but chances are guests won’t, especially if you entertain a lot. It’s just a part of living and cleaning your carpets is part of keeping an attractive and sanitary home.

The stains and darkened areas from heavy traffic will be pre-treated with unique solutions first. Pre-treatment is done by spraying then with detergents or emulsifiers, which are formulated to break the binding of various soils to the carpet fibre’s before they clean the whole carpet. The pre-treatment is usually left for 15 minutes or less. With low moisture dry carpet cleaning more agitation is used during the cleaning process to ensure the pre-treatments full penetrate the fibres. One great thing about dry chemical compounds is they don’t attract dirt! Although dry cleaning is more expensive and time-consuming, it puts less stress on the carpet. You have to weigh all the pluses and minuses of any method of carpet cleaning before making your decision.

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