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Carpets are comfortable, cozy, and lovely but they do require some care. Let’s talk about carpet stain remover. It’s impossible to have a carpet and never encounter an annoying stain. Aside from annoying stains, it’s essential to have your carpet professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaning professional occasionally. A dirty carpet is not a beautiful carpet, and we live on them, walk on them, they should be clean. A weekly vacuum is not enough. You need professional carpet cleaners who deep clean down to the base and into the fibers. This deep cleaning will also maintain its beauty and hygiene. It does not matter how beautiful the furniture and art is, any carpet with a carpet stain will ruin the look. Nobody wants a shabby looking home or place of business. So let’s move on regarding how to keep your carpet elegant and clean the practical way. The practical approach is don’t leave it stained or dirty for any amount of time. Take care of stains and dirty carpets right away.

Carpet Stain Remover- The Smart Way

We recommend that you call a professional carpet cleaner when an “accident” happens. But before making that call, it’s imperative that you do the best you can until a professional can arrive to avoid permanent staining. The faster, the better is always the case. A professional can go deep, but in the meantime, you must take action. This action or effective way to treat a sudden unwanted stain depends on what the stain is. Let’s get into more detail. There is no one effective way to remove a stain yourself. The method and what you use depends mostly on what the stain is and what the stain is on. For example, you must be more careful about colours, especially darker colours so as not to permanently lighten the area. This lightening effect is especially the case with hydrogen peroxide.

Removing Pet Stain on Carpet

I think one of the most common and unpleasant stains are from our pets. We love them dearly, and they are part of the family, but an accident may happen. When it does, it is usually our fault. For example not taking your dog out for a walk or not providing your cat with a clean litter box. But, we all make mistakes from time to time. Cat or dog pee leaves a strong noxious odour, and unlike most stains, steam cleaning is not recommended. In cases such as this, the high heat might set the stain and smell. Blot the stain with a colour safe material, meaning white, no colours or prints. Lightly blot until most of the moisture is removed. Then use one of those stain removers especially designed for pet urine. Blot the solution into the area. Never scrub to work in the cleaning solution; this will only cause the urine to soak deeper into the carpet. Repeat as many times as it takes until the odour and stain are removed. A wet vacuum will also work and when done rinse the area with cold water.

Removing Dirt on Carpet

Dirt and mud stains are a problem, and people always seem to track them in. The directions are pretty much the same because you actually want to let the mud dry into dirt. Once dried, dry vacuum the dirt slowly in all directions. The more passes, the better. Vacuum until all the dirt is gone.

Removing Red Wine on Carpet

Blot stain with a colour less paper towel or cloth. The point is to remove the moisture, not rub it in. Apply carpet stain remover but test it for colour fastness in an area that is not visible to make sure. Coat the stain and wait for five minutes. Blot again with a damp cloth moistened with cold water. Repeat until stain is gone.

Removing Vomit on Carpet

I saved the worst for the last. At one time or another, this is bound to happen so here is what you do. Vomit from a person or pet is a quick way to ruin your carpet so act quickly. With a light touch to not penetrate it more remove as much as you can with a fork or spoon. Apply a stain remover and let sit for five minutes. Blot with a cold, damp white cloth. Repeat as needed.   Things to do in Perth whilst we clean away