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Your carpets are integral for the aesthetic beauty of your home or office. While regular vacuuming can keep your carpets relatively clean, you’ll need to hire professional carpet cleaners periodically too.

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Well, there is no ideal carpet cleaning methods. All carpet cleaning methods have their respective pros and cons. You should talk to your professional carpet cleaner before deciding on the best method for your carpets.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning (or hot water extraction) involves applying hot water into the carpet fibers at high pressure.  Steam and high pressure act together to dissolve dirt, mud and dust from your carpets, helping extract those with ease. After steam cleaning, your carpets will look fresher and feel soft to touch, not to mention the welcoming smell. Steam cleaning is the best option for those with allergies or sensitivities to chemical detergents. However, the drying process takes a while.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing carpets is not too dissimilar to shampooing your hair. Carpet cleaners use rotating brushes to scrub shampoo deep into the carpet to loosen dirt and debris. Then they use clean water to remove all traces of shampoo until your carpets are free of all dirt and soapy water. This is ideal for removing stubborn stains.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Power Detergent

Carpet cleaning service providers use powder detergent with a small amount of water to dry clean your carpets. A rotating brush squeezes powder into the fibers and an extraction tool removes the powder along with dirt. Dry cleaning is generally the preferred choice for office surfaces or busy households. But, after dry cleaning your carpets, don’t forget to air the rooms for a while.

Perth Foam Cleaning for deeply stained carpets

This method is especially effective on deeply stained carpets. Carpet cleaners apply specialty foam to the carpets. When the foam bubbles, it brings all the deeply embedded debris on to the surface. They then extract debris along with foam.

You should consider looking for professional carpet cleaners in Perth, at least twice a year. However much you clean your carpets at home, a deep clean once in a while is necessary.

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