So, you had your carpet professionally cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service in Cottesloe and North Fremantle. So, now what? It starts to become messy, which might be a problem. After having your carpets professionally cleaned, follow these guidelines to ensure that they stay looking their best. 

1. Get rid of spills and stains right away 

Remember to promptly remove any stains or spills. A spill on a carpet becomes more difficult to clean the longer it sits there. 

2. Wait a moment before moving 

You should never risk walking on a damp carpet. Whether you’re dealing with a tiny spill or waiting for a professional carpet cleaning service in Cottesloe or North Fremantle, you should always allow carpets to dry fully before walking back onto them. 

3. Take your shoes off but avoid going barefoot 

Walking barefoot on your perfectly clean carpet may not be such a smart idea after all. The oils in your skin may produce a greasy film that might be difficult to remove. Because of the oily residue, your carpet may end up looking soiled and may attract further dirt. Walk on your carpet using socks or slippers that you don’t use outside. 

4. Make sure you vacuum regularly 

How often do you vacuum your carpet? After having your carpets professionally cleaned, you may extend their appearance by vacuuming them regularly. And this is true regardless of whether or not you see any dirt or debris. Cleanliness is greatly improved by vacuuming since dust and other unseen debris are quickly and easily removed. The frequent use of a vacuum cleaner is also useful for reducing indoor air pollution. 

Vacuuming regularly might also reduce the need to hire a carpet cleaning service in Cottesloe and North Fremantle. 

5. Blot only 

Soak up any messes. Instead of rubbing the stain, blotting will absorb the liquid and prevent it from seeping into the carpet. First, you might try to clean up the spill with water. 


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