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Frequent Carpet Cleaning 

It is more probable that the appearance of your carpet will not be the same it was on the day it was installed, probably because it has attracted some dirt and its colour tainted. Another reason why it looks different is that it has not been cleaned or if cleaned, the work was not done in the right way. As we all know, dirt is everywhere, and it does not matter how clean your carpets look like, it has to be cleaned periodically.

Maintain a carpet cleaning record

Although it might not be easy to estimate the exact frequency of carpet cleaning, depending on factors such as traffic in your home and whether you have small kids or pets, the time between cleanings can vary from once a year to possibly every two years. Expert Carpet Cleaning services are near Dalgleish, Mosman Park & Nedlands so why not give us a call and get some expert advice.

Two types of Carpet cleaning

Basically, carpet cleaning methods may be placed in one of two categories: wet cleaning or dry cleaning. Wet cleaning includes hot water extraction and can include cleaning with an absorbent pad. Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of chemical powders or foams applied by special machines with counter-rotating brushes, pads or cylinders.

Marlee Morris Dance Practice

Morris Dancing practice held at Seaward Guide Hall, Monash Avenue, Nedlands. Marlee Morris is a mixed-gender Morris Dancing side held every fourth Sunday of the month between 2-4 pm.  If interested in coming along, please contact Steve on 0400 731 049.

Date: 15 December 2019

Location: Seaward Guide Hall, Monash Ave., Nedlands

The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train arrives at Camelot’s indoor theatre in Mosman Park on December 6 for a strictly limited season! Don’t miss this thrilling ride dubbed “one of the scariest plays of all time!” 9 performances only! Regarded as a modern classic, The Ghost Train hasn’t run out of steam and remains popular today with many stage adaptations still being produced around the world.

Event: 06/12/2019 – 15/12/2019  

Where: Harbour Theatre, Mosman Park Memorial Hall, 16 Lochee Street, Mosman Park WA 6012