To learn more about Fremantle, Coogee, and Spearwood carpet cleaning tips and tricks, keep reading. We all know how expensive good carpeting is, yet unfortunately, mishaps can occur. Having to remove a coffee stain from an expensive carpet is a nightmare. Some stains are impossible to remove without professional help. However, several strategies might help you restore the carpet before permanent harm is done.

We are professional carpet cleaners serving Fremantle, Coogee, and Spearwood, and we have some helpful suggestions for you. Any spill or stain that proves difficult to remove will be much easier to deal with if you follow these suggestions.


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Whether its drops or spills that result from an accident, you’ll eventually have to deal with carpet stains at some point. To make sure that you do it the right way, below we’ve opted to share with you carpet cleaning tips and tricks that’ll help you tackle just about any carpet cleaning task.

As much as we don’t want it to happen, we will all at some point have to clean our carpets. Why? Well, there are several reasons why one would want to clean their carpet. Maybe it’s a spill or drop that resulted in a carpet stain that you want to remove. Or maybe the carpet is simply dirty. 

When carpet cleaning, it is very important that you do it right. If done correctly, cleaning carpets is an easy fun task to do. Even better, you’ll be able to remove tough stains and dirt allowing leaving your carpet looking fresh and clean for months and months. Furthermore, it helps double the life of your carpet. If you do it wrong however, it can turn into a daunting task that’s time consuming. Even worse, you might end up damaging your carpet.

This is mind we are going to share with you in this post carpet cleaning tips and tricks. These carpet cleaning tips and tricks will help do your cleaning like a pro and get the results you want. The carpet cleaning tips and tricks we’ll highlight in this post are;

  • Remove Dirt
  • Clean Stains Right Away
  • Dealing With Tough Stains
  • Pre-Treat High Traffic Areas
  • Deep-Cleaning
  • Drying Carpet Faster

Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks Fremantle Coogee Spearwood. Remove Dirt

The first tip on this carpet cleaning tips post is dirt removal. It is important that you properly remove dirt from your carpet. Why? Well, dirt is very harmful to carpet fibres. Furthermore, they make the entire process of cleaning carpets extremely difficult. Even worse is the fact that dirty carpets are likely to stain more easily.  

In addition to all this, dirt is like a blade when in carpets. With time, they end up eating or cutting the carpet fibre. This is more-so true if a dirty carpet is in a room that’s frequently visited. In such a scenario, you’ll notice that the carpet (dirty carpet) looks worn out.

Make sure that your carpet doesn’t have too much dirt. While you can use a vacuum to remove the dirt, it isn’t advised to do it often once your carpet is dirty. Why? Well, you’ll be cleaning up both dirt and tiny nicks of your carpet fibres. Do this often and your carpet will get worn out very quickly.

Clean Stains The Right Away

Cleaning stains on your carpet can prove challenging. In fact, you might just end up making things even worse if you don’t clean it the right way. This is why we’ve mentioned cleaning stains in this carpet cleaning tips and tricks post. So how do you go about cleaning stains the right way? Well, you first need to identify the type of stain you are dealing with. If you are cleaning a solid stain for example food, start by carefully scraping the food off the carpet. Avoid the temptation of scooping or digging. What this does is push the stain even deeper. 

Still on matters stains, always ensure you treat them immediately. With most stains the more they are left to be the more it gets harder to remove. That said you can start working on a stain using water. Most stains can easily be removed with water if you act fast. For this, take a clean dry cloth and place it on the stain in order to absorb the spill. Do this till you’ve completely absorbed the spill. Once this is done take a towel and damp it using the water. Now just blot the area where the stain is till it’s gone.

Dealing With Tough Stains

Unlike regular stains, tough stains are very hard to do away with. Furthermore, they can end up damaging your carpet completely. So how can you deal with them then? Well, this is information we couldn’t leave out in this carpet cleaning tips and tricks post. The first thing you ought to know when working with tough stains is not to scrub or rub. This usually results in you damaging the fibres of your carpet. In addition, you’ll end up creating a fuzzy area.

For tough stains, plain water won’t just do it. There is something you can use however to make the process easier. That is club soda and vinegar. You can opt to mix with water in order to get a potent solution. Make sure that you do it right, this includes getting the right mixture concentration. Once you are done use on the stain. If it doesn’t work, consider using commercial carpet cleaning products.    

Pre-Treat High Traffic Areas

As already mentioned, carpets that are in high traffic areas can easily get damaged. This is more-so true if the carpet is dirty. Luckily however, there is something you can do to help deal with a carpet or part of a carpet that experience high traffic areas.

Simply take a drop of detergent and mix it with water. Take the mixture pour it in a spray bottle and proceed to mist the stain area. Be careful however not to overwet the spot. Now let it rest for at least 10 minutes. Once this period ends, you can start cleaning the stain.

Drying Carpet Faster

Ensuring that your carpet dries fast is as important as the process of cleaning it. When working with a wet carpet you want to dry it as fast as possible. Why? Well, a damp wet carpet is a perfect home for bacteria or mold. That said there are a few tricks you can use to dry carpet faster. For instance, start by leaving your windows or door open. Other than opening windows and doors, you can use tools like blowers, fans or even air movers to help dry the carpet. Your home’s air conditioner is another arsenal you can use to dry your carpet faster.


To finish of this carpet cleaning tips post we’ll get highlight deep-cleaning. Arguably one of the best ways to clean your carpet and leaving look like they are new, deep carpet cleaning involves the use of steam. With deep-cleaning a cleaning solution, through pressure, is injected into the carpet deep. What this cleaning solution does is help highlight the dirt.

Once you are done injecting the cleaning solution, let it rest for a few minutes. Now use a machine to extract the solution from the carpet. While doing this you’ll not that the cleaning solution will come out together with carpet debris and dirt.