Even though carpet flooring is a wonderful option for tile or hardwood floors, many homeowners struggle to make the right carpet cleaning choices. There are many myths about carpet cleaning and regular carpet care that cause people to make terrible decisions. As Carpet Cleaning in Perth experts, we are here to debunk some common misconceptions.

1) Renting a Carpet Cleaning Machine Replaces Professional Cleaners

When it comes to carpet cleaning, some homeowners believe that renting a cleaning machine would suffice. But this is not the case since you may wind up damaging or just partly cleaning your carpet. 

One of the main reasons most homeowners choose to rent a machine rather than hire a professional Carpet Cleaning in Perth is to save money. But if you have inadequate skills and knowledge, you may wind up paying more than you expected.

2) All Carpet Cleaning Methods are the Same

This is not true because various kinds of carpets require different cleaning techniques. There are dry and wet cleaning techniques, and your pick may be determined by the kind of carpet you have, your budget, the level of soiling, and the weather. Professional Carpet Cleaning in Perth understands what is right and wrong.

3) Carpet Deodorants Can Keep Your Carpet Fresh and Clean

Carpet deodorant is a powder that is applied to the carpet to keep it looking clean and fresh. But this is only a temporary treatment and should not be considered a long-term solution to cleaning your carpet.

4) Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service in Perth is Expensive

Some homeowners often attempt DIY cleaning because they fear professional cleaners are too expensive. And in the end, they spoil their carpets. There are reliable carpet cleaning services, including ours, that provide affordable carpet cleaning services in Perth.

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