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Carpet Dry Cleaning in White Gum Valley Hilton. Dry cleaning carpets involve specialized cleaning agents, using none or meager levels of moisture.  Such cleaning results in the removal of dirt, stains, sand, grit, allergens, pollen, and other particles from the surface being cleaned.  The process disinfects and sanitizes carpets so viruses such as the COVID-19 are eliminated. 

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Advantages of Dry Cleaning your Carpet

Dry carpet cleaning is an efficient way to clean and sanitize carpets.

  1. Dry cleaning leaves carpets ready to be used almost straight away. This method of cleaning carpets is very effective in high traffic areas. 
  2. High power vacuum to ensure the best possible results
  3. If carpets and rugs are laid on wooden floors, it is not good practice to leave them wet overnight.  Dry carpet and dry rug cleaning works well in such circumstances.

Different Ways of Dry Cleaning a Carpet

There are various methods of dry cleaning carpets in a home or in a commercial/industrial setting. 

1. Dry Compound Method

This method uses a slightly moist cleaning compound.  The compound is spread over the cleaned area, it is brushed in and it is allowed to dry for a short while.  Vacuuming after drying will leave the carpet clean and dry.  

2. Encapsulation Method

This method uses polymers that encapsulate dirt particles into dry residues on contact.  The polymers combine with detergents to remove dirt particles from the carpet.  

3. Dry Ice Method

This effective cleaning method uses a dry ice beam to blow away the dirt from the carpets. The carpet cleaning is done without moisture. The residue from the dry ice evaporate in less than a minute.  This method is primarily used in commercial premises.

Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Perth

Professionally dry-cleaned carpets and rugs helps to reduce the coronavirus threat and sanitize your office or home.  We service White Gum Valley, Hilton, and Kardinya and have a local team to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service in and around Perth.  

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