Cockburn Spearwood Carpet Dry Cleaning. Have you been mulling over the idea of switching to dry carpet cleaning? If so, read on to see why, it just might work for you and your carpets. 

How Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Work?

Dry carpet cleaning method uses miniscule porous beads to attract dirt from the carpets. Once the powder is applied, carpet cleaners simply vacuum it all along with debris. Hence, it cleans deeper and removes a large quantity of soil from the carpet. More importantly, dry cleaning lets you avoid using water. And, that leads to a reduced risk of mould and mildew. 

Is Dry Carpet Cleaning More Effective?

Dry carpet cleaning prevents the possibility of localized soiling. And what exactly is localized soiling? When you use an alternative cleaning method such as hot water extraction, some residual detergent might get left over. These small spots of detergent will keep on attracting more dirt. Dry carpet cleaning on the other hand, cleans deeper without the risk of localized soiling. 

Why Is Dry Carpet Cleaning Is Faster and Less Disruptive?

Wet vacuuming, almost always leaves some water behind. This residual water calls for the room to be allowed to dry. And, this process takes a while, which means you have to vacate the room for the time being. As dry carpet cleaning bypasses water, you are left with zero drying time. It would be easy to accommodate periodic deep cleans into your usual maintenance schedule, without worrying about lengthy drying times. 

Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Offer Better Value?

Let us list out the benefits of dry carpet cleaning.

  • It does not leave wet pockets that might worsen soiling 
  • It encourages you to vacuum regularly (an integral part of carpet maintenance)
  • It is definitely less time consuming than other methods
  • It cleans deeper, allowing your carpets to look beautiful longer 

It might be time to cut down on deep cleaning time and ensure longevity of carpets with dry carpet cleaning.

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