Tiles add a classy finish to your home, but they also attract a lot of dirt. Hence, it is advisable to hire professional tile and grout cleaners at least every three months. But, in the meantime, you could borrow some simple steps from the pros to keep your tiles looking great. 

How Do Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners Clean Floors?

They use detailed and meticulous techniques to thoroughly clean tiles and grout. Each step involved in the process is integral to removing dirt and polishing the surfaces. We are going to list out each step. And, perhaps you could apply the same method at home.

Cottesloe Claremont Tile and Grout Cleaning – Step 1 – Vacuuming

Vacuum your tiles thoroughly. And this is how you loosen and remove any dry soil that may be present

to the tiles. You should run the vacuum several times across each area to absorb all the loose dirt. 

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning – Step 2 – Mopping

Mopping helps you remove stains and dirt that could be attached to the tiles. You need to change you mop water regularly. And it is also important to rinse after you mop. If you avoid rinsing, it could result in streaking dirt across the floor. 

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning – Step 3 – Steam Cleaning

For this step, you need to find a high powered steam cleaner. Try and find a steam cleaning tool that comes with a crevice attachment. Start from a small area, and then gradually clean the creases of the tiles. This is how you can remove all the stubborn dirt in between the cracks. 

Cottesloe Claremont Tile and Grout Cleaning – Step 4 – Drying

This step is highly important. If you don’t thoroughly dry your floors and surfaces after cleaning, some dirt streaks may get left behind. You will need a good supply of towels for this last phase. 

Try these steps and call in professional tile cleaners once in a while. And that is how you maintain the classy look of your floors and tiled surfaces in the long run.

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