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Guide to Upholstery Cleaning for Pet Owners. Pet owners know that having a furry friend means your upholstery needs extra care. Pet fur shedding and accidents are to be expected so that you don’t panic when it happens. It’s important to know what to do when these things occur. Give your sofa or chairs a new lease on life with upholstery cleaning Perth upholstery cleaning Wembley Downs. Keep reading to learn how pet owners should keep the upholstery sparkling clean.

Day to Day Upholstery Cleaning 

Guide to Upholstery Cleaning for Pet Owners. For day-to-day cleaning, you must stick to the basics. Vacuuming is the best way to go for regular cleaning. Vacuuming every day or weekly will clean up any fur that’s on the upholstery leaving it nice and fresh. Fur stuck on furniture can get on your clothes and that can be embarrassing when you have visitors over!

Cleaning Upholstery after an Accident

Accidents are to be expected when you have pets. Sometimes these accidents could be on your favorite upholstery. If your pet gets sick or has an accident on your upholstery, clean it up as soon as possible. Immediate action will ensure that there are no permanent stains left behind. If you don’t have any cleaning solution simply use soap and warm water. The trick is not to rub the stain, simply blotch it to avoid spreading.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning 

It’s important to get your upholstery cleaned by professionals to maintain the quality.  There are professionals in upholstery cleaning Perth that you can approach to get your furniture cleaned to perfection. Many professional cleaners such as Expert Carpet Cleaning use non-toxic solutions that are pet friendly.

Upholstery in homes with pets needs some extra care. So make sure to get a professional cleaning done to keep your home sparkling clean.

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