To clean the carpet, various techniques exist on how to clean carpet yourself at home. There are also multiple reasons; maybe you want to steam clean all of the carpets for good deep cleaning. Rent a steam cleaner if that is what you desire. Spot cleaning is another thing that may be a priority to you. Perhaps your carpet is clean except a carpet stain. In that case, you will need a stain remover or cleaning solution or baking soda if you want to DIY.


How to clean your carpet begins with a good vacuum cleaner to remove general dirt and debris. Vacuum cleaners are how we all clean the carpet for maintenance so let’s move on. If renting a steam cleaner that would be your next step and in that case follow instructions.

How to clean the carpet of spots and stains is what we want to talk about here. Spot removal provides some hard work and skill on your part. It’s not so simple as running a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. Carpet fibres can be stubborn, requiring much work to get them out. You will need the following-

  • Cleaning solution (instructions below)
  • Clean water (non-protein based stains)
  • Warm water (if it’s not a blood stain)
  • Spray bottles
  • Baking soda
  • Hot water (for really stubborn stains)

To make a DIY cleaning solution INCLUDE 80% of the following:

  • Water 80%
  • Baking soda 20%

Shake bottle to blend well. Spray stained areas liberally with the carpet cleaning solution, rub with a non-colored cloth, and let dry. Let dry for 30 minutes (it must dry completely) and vacuum again and see if the stain is removed.

If that does not work, you can try purchasing a carpet cleaning solution and follow instructions and try again.

If you are not into doing all of this yourself call us at 0418 957 690 or book an appointment online and let us save you all the hard work.