Need help dealing with the annoying carpet beetle(s)? Well, here is a detailed post on how you can go about doing just that. 

If you happen to own a carpet, chances are that you might have to deal with carpet beetle(s) at some point. This fact is especially true for owners of natural carpet. The same also goes for owners with carpets made from a mixture of wool and synthetic fibre. But why is this? Well, your house has the perfect diet for carpet beetle. It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this post. Below you’ll find details on;

  • What Is A Carpet Beetle
  • How To Detect Carpet Beetles In Your Home
  • Can Carpet Beetles Harm You
  • How To Remove Carpet Beetles

What Is A Carpet Beetle?

As the name suggests, carpet beetle tends to infest carpets. That said there are three types of carpet beetles you are likely to find on your carpet. These three are varied, furniture and black carpet beetles. These three all have different features that set them apart from the rest. Furthermore, they do have different preferences in terms of what they like to eat. For instance, furniture and varied carpet beetles prefer eating natural fibres like leather and wool.

All in all, they eat a wide range of items and that’s why your home has the perfect healthy diet for them. That said they are very common in many dwellings with a carpet setting. Therefore, it is important to detect them as soon as possible because they can become an infestation without you knowing then cause harm to a number of vulnerable items in your home.

How To Detect Carpet Beetles In Your Home

One of the reasons why a carpet beetle(s) makes a carpet it’s new home is food. In addition, there are no adverse conditions such as rain, frost or even predators in carpets. With this, you can expect them to grow in numbers in a very short period of time if not detected. Luckily, there are certain signs that can help tell whether or not there are carpet beetles in your home.

So what are these conditions well, if you happen to see holes or damage in rugs or carpets that contain natural fibres chances are high that there is a carpet beetle in your home. In addition to this, other signs include;

  • Damaged paperwork, book covers or photos
  • Shed skins (this usually indicates the transformation of larvae into adults)
  • Holes or damage to leather items
  • Black or brown faecal pellets

While paying attention to signs of a carpet beetle infestation, keep in mind that they are similar to moth activity. One way you can be able to differentiate the two is by focusing on the damage. With carpet beetles, the damage is usually confined in one area while with the moth it is usually spread over a large area. If you are not sure, it’s always best to seek the services of an expert. For instance, you can seek services of Expert Carpet Cleaning.

Can Carpet Beetles Harm You?

A plus with carpet beetles if you call it that is that they are harmless to humans. On your items, however, especially carpets, they are lethal. In fact, they are known to be a major cause of many carpet damages in Australia. They can eat the line of your carpet down to its backing in no time.  

With carpet beetles, the problem usually starts when they become adults and want to lay eggs. To do this, they usually venture indoors to lay their eggs on natural organic substances like wool or synthetic carpets. Sometimes, they are known to lay eggs on bedding, leather, upholstery and clothes. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae is red-brown in colour and usually covered in stiff-hairy bristles.

If you are searching for carpet beetles during this phase, focus on corners and edges of a room that’s carpeted. In addition to these two, consider checking upholstery, furniture, pantries, clothing and linen cupboards. Make sure that you look out for damage or holes in all these items. Furthermore, watch out for skin remains insect droppings as well as missing carpet piles. All these are tale-tale signs that there are carpet beetles in your home.

How To Remove Carpet Beetle

Not that you have some knowledge on matters carpet beetle, it’s time to focus on how to remove them.

  • The first step in any beetle removal operation is locating them. Where are they most active and where do they live. These are two questions you should have answers to. You can start by looking at places like cabinets where you’ve stored dry foods or inside or beneath the furniture. In other words, look for them in areas that are dark and have something they like to eat.
  • Once you’ve identified their location, suck them out. For this, you are going to need a vacuum. When vacuuming, make sure you thoroughly vacuum the area where the beetles stay. This way, you’ll be able to suck out all the beetles including their eggs. Once you are done, vacuum the rest of your home. This includes vacuuming all upholstery furniture. Use appropriate attachments with your vacuum for areas that are difficult to reach.
  • The next step in removing carpet beetles is using boric acid powder. A good number of insects die upon contact with this acid and carpet beetles are among them. Simply sprinkle the acid on your carpet, especially on the affected area. Once you are satisfied you have covered everywhere, leave it to rest for three to two hours. Once this time elapses, use a vacuum to clean up the area.
  • Remove everything the beetles infected. This includes getting rid of all clothes that were or might have been infested. It is important to throw them away because they might be hiding beetle eggs. You also remove infested food. Remove any food that shows any sign of beetle activity.

Prevent carpet beetle infestation

Given the damage carpet beetle can cause, it’s best to seek services of an expert. They’ll help you to completely do away with them in your home. One such expert in Perth is Expert Carpet Cleaning. Expert Carpet Cleaning has lots of experience when it comes to matters carpet cleaning as well as carpet beetle removal. With them you are guaranteed the very best. In addition, they’ll give you tips on how best to prevent carpet beetle infestation in your home. 

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