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How to keep your tiled surfaces clean this summer in Spearwood. Tiles are a much sought after option for flooring and finishing kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Keeping these aesthetically pleasing surfaces take a bit of elbow grease.

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Sweep and vacuum daily

Ideally, you should vacuum and clean your tile surfaces daily. Otherwise, sand and gravel can scratch the surfaces and eventually ruin the squeaky clean look of tiled surfaces. Once you vacuum the floor areas, use a chamois mop to clean those tiles with a mild detergent and warm water. You can spray bathroom cleaning liquid on the tiles and use a soft cloth to scrub it clean. Alternately, you could use equal parts of vinegar and water to clean bathroom surfaces as well as kitchen tiles. Don’t forget to use a clean cloth to dry the surfaces after you clean those.

Keep the grout clean

Dirty grout results in dingy looking surfaces. Porous grout easily absorbs grease and grime. You can use either a commercial grout cleaning solution or bleach to clean grout. Spray the grout and clean with a clean cloth. You should always wear protective gloves when you do this. If the stains are stubborn, leave the cleaning solution on for 10 minutes before using the cloth. You can use an old toothbrush or a scrub brush to scrub clean the deeper stains.

Taking care of stubborn grout stains

Make a paste of baking soda and water. Spray the stained areas with the mixture and leave it overnight. Rub the area with a nylon brush. A metal brush could scratch the grout. Let it air dry and seal with a silicone-based sealer.

Getting rid of stains

For coffee or tea stains, wash the tile surface with a mixture of detergent and warm water. Then blot the stained areas with hydrogen peroxide. If the stains are greasy, use club soda and water. You could also use a commercial cleaning product. If you get ink stains on your tiles, use diluted bleach. You can soak a cloth with the solution and leave it on the stain. Remember to rinse the surfaces once you are done.

How to keep your tiled surfaces clean this summer in Spearwood. Get help from professional cleaning companies periodically

You should clean your tile surfaces daily or failing that at least twice a week. But it pays to deep clean your floors, bathrooms and kitchen surfaces from time to time. Hire a reputed cleaning services provider. They will use their professional tools and cleaning products to deep clean all surfaces. You can ask these companies to use eco-friendly product for added safety.

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