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Pressure cleaning is the ultimate solution for thoroughly cleaning floors and other surfaces. It will save your floor from taking the toll of dust, fungus and even chemicals. 

How Does Pressure Cleaning Work?

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Get that mold and stained surfaces a face lift.

The definition is in the name. Pressure cleaning uses water pressure to as a strong cleaning agent. The speed and force of water released from the high pressure machine easily cleans the surfaces. Hence, you can avoid harsh chemicals and still get the same result. The water pressure is so powerful that it blasts away deeply embedded grime and stains. 

What Are the Benefits of Pressure Cleaning?

There are multiple benefits of pressure cleaning. 

  • This method easily gets rid of stains and grime. 
  • It is a great eco-friendly alternative to using harsh chemicals 
  • It is more economical 
  • It minimize the need to re-paint your property 
  • It improves longevity of your property (by removing germs, lichen and fungal elements that can damage surfaces)
  • It improves the appearance of your home

Which Surfaces Would Benefit From High Pressure Cleaning?

We have seen people use pressure cleaning on a lot of surfaces. But, when exactly does this method come in handy? We would say, high pressure cleaning is good cleaning entrance stairs and walkways. You could use this method to clean your drive way and garage, or even concrete or tile patios.  High pressure cleaning can give a fresh look to your outdoor furniture and fencing. 

What Are the Things You Should Not Pressure Wash?

However, we recommend that you don’t use high pressure cleaning on some surfaces. Avoid using high pressure cleaning on painted surfaces that you don’t plan on re-painting. You should never try to pressure wash your gutters either. They won’t withstand the extreme pressure. If you have asphalt shingles on you roof, avoid pressure washing. 

Should You Hire a Professional for Pressure Cleaning?

You can operate a pressure cleaning machine by yourself. But, without sufficient practice and knowledge, you might cause more damage than good. Your home would be safer in the hands of a professional high pressure washer.

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