Perth and Cottesloe Flood Repair and Carpet Cleaning: Mould and mildew thrives on wet environments. Hence, even the smallest leak can cause lasting damage to your elegant carpets. Here is what you can do if you have to deal with floods.

Why do you need to call professional carpet cleaners?

Professional carpet cleaners are trained to detect the source of water damage and come up with the best solution. This will help you avoid further damages and restore the carpets. However, if you don’t take immediate action you might end up with more problems than you would bargain for. Water damage to your carpets extends beyond mould and bacteria growth.

  • It can lower air quality in your home
  • Water damage can lead to cracks in the foundation and impair structural support
  • You will have to resort to expensive flooring repairs and carpet replacement

Bacteria in floodwater: Save yourself

When it comes to floodwater, it’s super important to know about the possible health dangers hiding underneath. This water that might seem harmless can actually have a lot of unhealthy stuff in it, like germs, viruses, poop, and bugs. These tiny troublemakers can also cause big problems for our bodies if they get into our mouths, eyes, or any other weak spots.

It’s important to be careful and take the necessary steps to protect ourselves when dealing with floodwater. This is one of the reasons why you should contact our Perth and Cottesloe flood repair and carpet cleaning services for better outcomes.

Drying the carpets isn’t enough

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that leaving wet carpets in the sun will magically make them as good as new. Did you know that floodwater can cause permanent stains on expensive rugs and carpets? You have to hire professional cleaners for this cleaning job. They are really good at cleaning, and they focus on doing a really thorough job.

One of the main goals of their job is to get rid of different things that can cause harm. The cleaners carefully find and remove these elements that can harm the fibres of rugs and carpets.

What to do before the carpet cleaners arrive?

First of all, turn off circuit breakers that supply electricity to wet areas. Unplug and move any electrical devices that are on the carpets. Then, make you sure you call a reputed cleaning company. Remove all your valuable paintings and even oriental rugs from wall to wall carpeting. Hang up draperies and pin those furniture skirts to prevent wet marks. Pick up everything (toys etc.) off the floor. Make sure that there is a designated area, to which Perth and Cottesloe Flood Repair and Carpet Cleaning can move all your furniture.

What not to do until carpet cleaners arrive?

Don’t use your own vacuum cleaner to suck the water out. If you do, you risk electric shocks. Don’t leave magazines, books and colured items on the floor. Don’t try to use any electrical appliances or watch TV while you wait. Don’t turn on any ceiling fixtures if they are wet.

How would professional carpet cleaners clean up after a flood?

They would first inspect the area, and come up with the best possible process. Most often, this starts with moving your furniture to a safe area. They will then extract all the excess water with a special machine. The next step would be drying the carpets with air movers as well as de-humidification tools. Restructuring the carpets if necessary follows. Afterwards, they will relay the carpets and proceed to thoroughly sanitize those. The last step would involve drying and cleaning upholstery that may have got affected.