Ceramic and stone tiles add a lovely artistic touch to your home. But, overtime the porous surfaces of tiles will attract dirt and grime. Regular cleaning does help. But, your floors need deep tile and grout cleaning to maintain their polished, elegant look. We are the Professionals in Perth Carpet Cleaning Dry Tile Grout Cleaning.

Tile and grout cleaning – Does scrubbing by hand work? 

Grout is extremely porous. It attracts dirt, allergens and bacteria. Even if you put in a lot of elbow grease, scrubbing is not enough to remove all the germs. We recommend that you clean your tiles often by yourself for regular maintenance. But, leave the heavy duty cleaning to experts. They will deliver the deep tile and grout cleaning that your home surfaces really need. 

Is professional tile and grout cleaning cost effective?

Professional cleaners use powerful tools to get those stubborn stains out of your tiled surfaces. These machines are not available to the public. But, they save time and money. And the other good news is, professionals will also give recommendations on how to care for your tiled surfaces. Their recommendations can considerably expand the lifespan of your tiles. 

Does hiring professional cleaners help make your home healthier? 

Our homes should be safe spaces. But, most often, they tend to get more polluted than outdoor areas. The reason being that allergens and pet dander stick deep into the floors making us more susceptible to chronic illnesses such as allergies and asthma. Experts remove deeply embedded dirt, and apply protective sealant. As a result, your home will be a cleaner and healthier place. Moreover, the sealant will keep most of the germs out and make maintenance easier. 

How prepare your home for tile and grout cleaning?

Before the cleaning service company arrives, remove all the furniture from your floors. You could use felt pads to make sure that the tiles stay safe. And, make sure to put away any fragile ornaments from countertops. You should also remove rugs, plants and garbage bins from the rooms. 

How do expert tile and grout cleaners clean surfaces?

They use time tested techniques to give a thorough scrubbing and cleaning to your household surfaces. Let us break down each step.

Pre-cleaning inspection 

Inspecting the surfaces before cleaning will allow experts to determine the best course of cleaning treatment, and chemicals needed to clean your tiles. 


Following inspection, the first step in cleaning tiles and grout is vacuuming. Vacuuming removes dry soil from your floors. Repeated vacuuming is needed to absorb all the loose dirt. 

Applying specialized cleaning solution 

Once all the loose dirt is removed, they will apply suitable cleaning solutions to the floor. 

Agitation soil removal 

The next of cleaning involves agitation with brush or pad to loosen deeply embedded soil. This step helps with preventing discolouration and preventing the onset of mould. 

High temperature/pressure extraction 

After loosening dirt from the tiles and grout, professionals use their specialized equipment to extract all the dirt, grime and allergens. This is the heavy duty part of the cleaning process. 

Drying the floors

This is an essential step in the cleaning process. If the floors are not dried properly after cleaning, dirt streaks may get left behind. Professionals use several methods to dry floors after dirt extraction. They might use dry mop method or place air movers on the floor to remove moisture. 

Post- cleaning inspection 

Through carpet and tile cleaning companies don’t leave this step out of the process. It is important to check the floors thoroughly to see if the cleaning process is complete. 

How often should you hire professionals to clean tile and grout?

We recommend that you hire professional tile and grout cleaners once a year. But, if there are children and pets living in your home, it would be better to call in professionals twice within a year.

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