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Thinking of ways to freshen up your home without spending too much money? Well, there is one small project you can take up to liven or freshen up your home, tile and grout cleaning. Read on to find out more about it. 

Whether it’s your home kitchen, bathroom or laundry, a worn-out tile, and grout can have a negative impact on how your home feels. Therefore, changing the way your tile and grout look can give your home a completely new look and feel. In other words, you’ll be able to freshen up your home without necessarily embarking on a huge project.

Even better is the fact that you will be able to freshen up your home without necessarily spending too much money. The key with this is ensuring you do it right and in this post, we’ll be sharing with you details on how to do just that. Follow these tile and grout cleaning tips and you are sure to freshen up your home.

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The tips will be focusing on in this post are;

  • Wipe Down The Grout With Hot Water
  • Spray Cleaning Solution On The Grout
  • Use A Brush For Scrubbing

Wipe Down The Grout With Hot Water

The first step in freshening up your home with tile and grout cleaning is wiping down the grout with hot water. This step is important as it helps remove all the surface grime and dirt. Be very thorough with this to ensure you remove all the grime and dirt. This process, depending on the area you are working with, should take much of your time if done properly.

Spray Cleaning Solution On The Grout

Once you are done wiping the grout with hot water, it’s time to spray it with some cleaning solution. What cleaning solution? Well, this is a solution you can easily create at home. Simply take vinegar and mix it water. Key here is to ensure that you have an equal ratio, an equal ratio of water and an equal measure of vinegar.

Once you have your perfect mixture it’s time to pour it on a spraying bottle and then spray it on the grout. Once you’ve done this, let it stay for around four-five minutes for it to really be effective. If you are dealing with stubborn grout stains you will need something more powerful than vinegar and water mixture. You’ll need baking soda and water. Some add vinegar to make the cleaning solution more potent.

If you are using only baking powder and water, take two parts baking soda and mix it with one part water. For vinegar, you can add a small part to it to make it potent. Once done, apply it on the stubborn grout stain. Let it sit there for a night and work on it the following day.

Use A Brush For Scrubbing

Once you’ve waited for the cleaning solution to rest on the grout it’s time to scrub it off. For this, you are going to need a soft brush, preferably a toothbrush. If you are afraid of not getting desired results with such a brush, we suggest using something with slightly more power. In other words, go for a brush that’ll offer great scrubbing power.

Do note however that you shouldn’t use brushes like a metal brush. Why? Well, it’ll scratch your tile and even knock out pieces of your grout. Once you are done scrubbing off the solution on the grout rinse it thoroughly with hot water.

Once you are done doing all this, let your tile and grout air dry for a day or two. Finish off the whole process by putting a silicone-based grout sealer. This will help protect it from future dirt or stain.

Other Ways To Freshen Up Your Home With Tile and Grout Cleaning

In addition to the tips shared above, there are other ways you can take up to clean your tile and grout. For instance, you can use diluted bleach or commercially prepared grout cleaners. This is vital if you cannot make an ideal cleaning solution for yourself. When going for commercially prepared grout, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, make sure you use it cautiously. Why? Well, regular use might result in your grout eroding fast.

If you happen to have or working with porous or coarse tile, make sure you use less acidic solution. Using a vinegar solution is not advised here as it can easily stain the tile. Instead of vinegar, try using peroxide. Mix one-part peroxide with two parts baking soda. Use the mixture to scrub off the grout with a brush.

In Conclusion

Knowing how to properly do your tile and grout cleaning is very important. Not only does it helps freshen up your home but also keeps you from damaging your floor. If you are unable to do it yourself or simply dealing with tough stains, it is advised to seek professional help. One such company that offers professional tile and grout cleaning services is Expert Carpet Cleaning.

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