Here’s everything you must know about hiring Perth or Fremantle wet carpet experts to handle the job when you have a wet carpet issue.

Perth Fremantle Wet Carpet Experts: Why should you call us?

You need to get in touch with our specialized carpet cleaning service as soon as possible because:


  • We safeguard the carpet.
  • We have extensive knowledge of carpeting, including yours.
  • You have our word on it.
  • The proper tools and cleaning agents are at our disposal.
  • We have high-powered vacuums and really hot water.
  • You’ll have healthier air at home.
  • There is no risk of mildew or mold growth.
  • You’ll get the impression that you just bought the carpet.


Why shouldn’t you deal with wet carpets yourself?

It’s a major hassle to deal with the soggy carpet. You should avoid dealing with this problem at home. However, it is essential to remove any moisture from the carpet to prevent the growth of mold.


But don’t worry. We can assist you with dealing with damp carpets right away since we have the skills and experience to do so. But that’s not all. We will also explain why it is best to use a professional carpet cleaning service to deal with damp carpets.


What can we do for you?

Are you surprised to learn that there are classifications for water? You may categorize them based on where the water comes from and how clean it is.


Gray water


Clean water


The following is what we do for wet carpet issues:


  • We use a wet-dry vacuum to get rid of the water
  • To remove any leftover moisture, we just soak it up


Blow-drying wet carpets

It is possible to dry a small area with a blow dryer, but you should be careful! Carpets dry faster and better with enough air circulation. Get some fans going in the damp area and watch the moisture evaporate.

You may also improve the airflow in a room by opening doors and windows.