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Perth Grout Cleaning offers the best tile sealing, grout recolouring, tile polishing, stone honing and other services at affordable prices in Perth. Are your tiles stained or do the grout lines appear dark? These all are indications that the tiles and grout require deep cleaning. Dirty tiles and grout are harmful as they harbour disease-causing germs and are responsible for many diseases.

Restore Your Tiles Looks

The best way to clean them and to make them look new is by hiring a reliable tile and grout cleaning company in Perth. Grout Cleaning can restore back the finish of tiles and porous grout. We use a combination of hot water along with solutions that loosen and lift all the dirt out of the tiles, in addition, the porous grout.

Mopping is Not Enough

Most people believe that mopping or simple wipe of a cloth is the only way to clean the tile and grout. But actually, it is not so. These methods only remove the superficial dirt. To make you aware, grout is porous. To make you aware, grout is porous in nature. With time, dirt settles on grout and due to its porosity, it continuously absorbs whatever falls on it. So, creating an environment for germs and microorganisms to flourish.

Re-colouring Service

With time grout becomes pitted, cracked and damaged, but our grout sealing and re-colouring service eliminate all the problems in a very short time. We use the highest quality grout sealer for the purpose. On application, it fills the tiny holes where the contaminants collect. The hardener in the sealer gets activated when it comes in contact with other compounds, thus sets well in the cervices.  This makes regular cleaning more productive.

Colour Sealing Service

We also remove the blotchy appearance on the grout by our colour sealing service by either matching your existing grout colour or changing the colour of the grout as a whole. Marks Tile Cleaning is one of the best service providers for tile and grout cleaning Perth. And floor buffing is one of the major and most appreciated services by our clients. We use high power equipment and quality buffing pads to remove scratches and marks from your floors.  

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