Your carpets add elegance and personality to your house. And, periodical cleaning is essential for longevity of your carpets. But, which cleaning method is better, dry cleaning or steam cleaning? Let us find out? We are the Professionals in Perth Nedlands Carpet Steam and Dry Cleaning.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is also called, hit water extraction method. The method involves high pressure jet sprays shooting hot water deep into the carpets. Then the water is methodically vacuumed out. Before they start the steam cleaning process, your steam cleaning technician will;

  • Remove surface dirt
  • Spot treat stains with a cleaning agent
  • And, soften the surfaces with a pre-spray

The pre-spray allows hot water to penetrate deep into the fibres.

Drying time after hot water extraction can vary. But, if there is adequate ventilation, it should not take longer than 8 hours.

What is carpet dry cleaning method?

There are several carpet dry cleaning methods. Some methods use water (much less than in steam cleaning). But, the dry powder cleaning method hardly uses any water at all.

But, the most popular dry cleaning method is called bonnet cleaning.

What is the bonnet cleaning method?

Well, to be honest this method still requires some water usage. But, this method requires much less water than for steam cleaning. The first step in carpet dry cleaning is a good old vacuuming to get rid of surface dirt. Then the cleaners apply a dry cleaning solution. This solution breaks down the fibres of your carpet, releasing dirt and grime in the process. They use a rotary scrubber with rotating pads to absorb dirt. The pads are made of absorbent cotton, soaked in a mixture of hot water and conditioning solution. They keep replacing pads throughout the cleaning process.

What is the difference between carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is quick and effective. But, steam cleaning removes deeply embedded dirt. The down side of steam cleaning is that the carpets take longer to dry.

We recommend that you use a dry cleaning method for general maintenance. And, go for steam cleaning when you want to do a deep clean. We are the Professionals in Perth Nedlands Carpet Steam and Dry Cleaning

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