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Email: Phone: 0418 957 690 img ccawa - Perth Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Carpets Cleaning West Perth Present-day carpet owners have more options for carpet cleaning than ever before.  As such, there could be a dilemma in determining which cleaning method to use for their carpets.  Some methods involve light and affordable carpet cleaning, while others effectively remove tough stains, ground-in dirt, and debris.  A few others kill harmful bacteria and remove toxic mold!

Steam Cleaning

The best method of cleaning carpets is usually steam cleaning.  Steam cleaning removes over 90% of dirt and kills harmful bacteria that thrive on carpets!  Hot water extraction or steam cleaning applies hot water to carpet fibers with a high-pressure wand.  Coated dirt, mud, dust, and debris are removed from the carpet due to the hot water and pressure and the carpet is “fluffed up” too!

⮚ Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning can be the best choice for those people with allergies and sensitivities to detergents and shampoos.  Steam also kills bacteria, germs, mold, mildew and other irritants!

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a very effective carpet cleaning method that ensures that the carpeted floor is ready for foot traffic as quickly as possible.  Professional carpet cleaning applies a special powder detergent or similar chemicals with very little water.  The powder is pushed into the fibers and then removed along with trapped dirt and debris with the aid of special tools.

⮚ Advantages of Dry Cleaning

The advantage that stands out in this cleaning method is that the carpet is dry in a short period of time!  As such, it is preferred by offices and busy homes with a lot of foot traffic. 

Other Carpet Cleaning Methods

Shampooing, foam cleaning, and bonnet cleaning are some of the other carpet cleaning methods.  These methodologies are used by professional carpet cleaning experts utilizing specialty detergents and machinery.  Discuss your choice with a professional carpet cleaning company when it is time your carpeting needs a thorough cleaning!  For more information on steam cleaning and dry cleaning of carpets in Perth and West Perth, Please visit; 

Professionals can recommend the ideal carpet cleaning method

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your carpets, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The ideal method for cleaning your carpets will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of carpet you have as well as its current condition. 

Perth Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Carpets Cleaning West Perth: It is an undeniable fact that professional cleaners possess the necessary skills and expertise to clean carpets of all types with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Whether it is a plush carpet or a low-pile one, a professional cleaner can handle it with ease and ensure that it is cleaned to perfection.

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