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In the aftermath of the deadly pandemic coronavirus, cities have to be thoroughly disinfected and made suitable for human life. Ongoing preventive maintenance and pressure cleaning are two excellent ways to protect citizens from the Covid-19 and to ensure businesses run smoothly. Pressure cleaning is an essential weapon in keeping high-traffic areas properly sanitized and virus free.

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Perth is a city of many schools, universities, and colleges.  In the aftermath of the coronavirus, all universities and schools have to be scrubbed free of COVID-19.  Campus buildings, public restrooms, parking lots, and other critical areas will need proper pressure cleaning to ensure the theCovis-19 virus is eradicated. Pressure Cleaning in Kardinya Carpet Cleaning Murdoch call us today.

  • Pressure Cleaning Parking Lots in Perth

A sneeze or cough could have easily deposited the coronavirus in the sidewalks and parking lots. Exposure to such a surface could lead to fresh infections.  When the world remobilizes, it is important not to overlook the cleaning of the sidewalks, handrails, and benches.  A pressure washer with a chemical cleaner is an essential tool for a war on Covid-19.

  • Pressure Cleaning Shopping Malls in Perth

Shopping mall owners need pressure cleaning during and after this coronavirus outbreak.  Parking lots, need to properly clean and driveways, entryways, and dumpster pads all need to be disinfected.  Ideally, hot water pressure cleaning with a minimum of 5 gallons per minute (GPM), 3500 PSI with a water tank, using a pressure hose is essential in eradicating the coronavirus.

  • Pressure Cleaning Multi-unit Residential Buildings

Pathogens such as the coronavirus can quickly spread in multi-unit residential buildings, setting off another epidemic in Perth.  Sidewalks, public restrooms, other common areas, pool decks, and parking garages are a few areas where pressure cleaning can get rid of harmful pathogens such as COVID-19.

  • Pressure Cleaning Perth Hospitals

Hospitals are bombarded with bacteria, viruses, and other infections on a daily basis.  As such, since the outbreak of the coronavirus, hospitals face an additional risk of infecting people who come to the hospitals for various other treatments.  Simple sanitizing procedures as well as disinfecting exposed surfaces, preferably with pressure cleaning must be maintained in hospitals to ensure further outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus do not take place.

  • Pressure Cleaning Truck Fleets

Shared assets such as a truck fleet are prime targets for spreading viruses.  A truck should be thoroughly disinfected before and after a shift as the coronavirus can spread through the door handle, steering wheel, etc.  Or, the virus can be expelled into the air by coughing, sneezing, or just exhaling and then inhaled by the next driver.  Pressure cleaning reduces the time it takes to clean vehicles.

Professional Pressure cleaning Perth

Pressure-clean high-traffic facilities to eliminate completely the coronavirus threat is very important.  Please contact the Expert Carpet Cleaning Service at Fremantle, Perth for the best service in Kardinya, Murdoch, and O’Connor.

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