In the world of carpet cleaning, there is carpet cleaning, and then there is a professional carpet cleaning Perth. The former is what happens when you hire just anyone to clean your carpet. The latter happens when you determine to find a reputable and experienced professional carpet cleaner.


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This distinction is missed by most, resulting in poorly cleaned or damaged carpets. It is possible to make this distinction even if you are not a carpet expert. In this post, we give you two tips on how to find the right professional carpet cleaning Perth.

Track Record

Do they have a track record? Can they show you any past professional carpet cleaning in Perth projects that they completed? Do they have verifiable reviews that they can share? These and other questions can help establish whether a carpet cleaner has the track record and experience to back their claims.

Residential V Commercial carpet cleaners

In some cases, you will find a carpet cleaner has experience although not the right kind of experience. For example, if the carpet cleaner cleans residential carpets, they may not have experience with commercial carpets. It is important to make this distinction when looking at their track record.

Operational Structures

Operational structures refer to how they work and what they work with. These structures include their staff, equipment, and any other things required to clean a carpet successfully. For example, do they have a steam cleaner available?

Do they have cleaning agents available for different types of carpets? Do they offer any guarantees? What happens if your carpet gets damaged? These are important questions to ask as they will tell you how well-established the professional carpet cleaning Perth company is.

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Professional carpet cleaning will leave your carpet looking and feeling new. To get this level of quality service, contact Expert Carpet Cleaning today to get a free quote.