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Being expelled from the human body by a cough or a sneeze, the coronavirus can settle on surfaces.  It sits there, microscopic and immobile, for hours or even days as recent studies have revealed.  From there it is transported to human hands through objects that come into contact with them.  It is again transported from a hand to a face and from there into the human body through the mouth or nose. 

The Importance of Surface Cleaning

Therefore, cleaning the surfaces in residential and commercial buildings has become of utmost importance to destroy the coronavirus.  

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Cleaners’ Role in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Residential and commercial cleaners have now joined the fight against coronavirus.  Specialized cleaners are presently facing new demands as the ravaging pathogen paralyzes nations across the globe.  

The Process of Industrial Cleaning in Perth

The process of industrial cleaning is as tedious as it is most essential. 

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From up the stairs, specialized heavy equipment hoses down whole rooms with jets of scalding steam as hot as 220oF – 240oF.  They also use spray guns that mist surfaces with electrically-charged droplets of chemical disinfectant.  Gyms, banks, embassies, delivery trucks, apartments, etc. are using this method of cleaning up after the coronavirus.

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The light-weight electrostatic sprayers require more care.  The spraying persons wear a respirator and protective coveralls and spray themselves down with disinfectant.  The electrically charged mist that emerges from the chlorine-based disinfectant covers surfaces completely as well as effectively coats the under-sides.  Once there and given enough time, the disinfectant destroys the virus.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning in Welshpool Perth Risks Involved in Industrial Cleaning

Due to the high demand, cleaners with no experience with disinfection are being asked to treat buildings.  Thus, an inept cleaner can easily miss pathogens.   Further, taking off protective equipment incorrectly can expose cleaners to infection.  

Professional Carpet Cleaning at Perth

If you happen to have your business premises in the Welshpool and Canning Vale suburbs of Perth, get it professionally cleaned to eliminate the coronavirus threat.  Please contact the Expert Carpet Cleaning Service at Fremantle, Perth for the best service.

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