Are you thinking about whom to hire to clean your office and home? The two require different sets of applications. And, you should always ask for residential cleaning services for your home. But, you should ask for commercial cleaning services for your office or shop building.

The difference between residential and commercial cleaning – tools

Typically commercial cleaning involves bigger tools and different methods. While residential cleaning would involve smaller and more domestic tools and cleaning products. This is because commercial cleaning covers larger spaces. And, there are more hazardous items around when it comes to commercial properties.

The difference between residential and commercial cleaning – timing

Residential cleaning usually occurs during the weekend, and most often during the day. But, commercial cleaning is best done at night. This is the best time to clean office or shop premises. After all, you have to wait for all the customers and staff to be out of the building. Night time cleaning gives cleaners greater flexibility.

The difference between residential and commercial cleaning – price

Cost of residential cleaning depends on the tasks at hand. Hence, pricing of residential cleaning can be a little complicated. The prices are based on the number of services provided. This gives you an opportunity to control expenses depending on your requirement and budget.

Commercial cleaning however most often comes as packages. The packages largely depend on the work involved. Cleaning companies group work into different categories. All you have to do is choose the package that fits your purpose.

How to choose between residential and commercial cleaning?

As we detailed above, commercial and residential cleaning are two different services. You should not try to hire a commercial cleaning service under the impression that it affords a deeper clean. Residential cleaning services are better suited to clean up messes that occur at homes. And, commercial cleaning services can effectively clean commercial properties.

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