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Rugs are possibly the oldest form of transportable home furnishing. Since the pelt of an animal hunted for food was used to soften the floor of a cave, many cultures, in many parts of the world over thousands of years have used a wide variety of vegetable, animal and more recently, man-made fibres to produce rugs for the decoration and comfort they provide.

Cleaning of Rugs is an Art so if you need Rug Cleaning in Perth or Rug cleaning in Cottesloe contact us Phone: 0418 957 690

There are so many different construction methods, dyes, fibers and qualities circulating, that there can be no single approach to cleaning and maintaining rugs. In fact, the correct cleaning method for one may permanently damage another. Successful cleaning of rugs is, therefore, part art, part science, experience and keen attention to the unique properties of each piece.

Each Rug Needs Cleaning Methods Specific to the Material

In Perth, Cottesloe the cleaning professionals know rugs and how to care for them. Each rug needs cleaning methods specific to the material, otherwise irreparable damage can occur. Whether they are valuable tribal heirlooms passed down through the generations, room size contemporary wool and silk. Tibetan rugs or incredibly fine Persian masterpieces, we have all the expertise and processes in house to rejuvenate, repair and conserve your precious rugs.

Customized Cleaning Process

Your rug is thoroughly inspected and evaluated to determine a customized cleaning process, with any pre-existing stains, wear and tear and odor, noted. The automated beater systematically loosens and removes dust, abrasive soil particles and debris before cleaning. Our trained technicians customize the cleaning process, ensuring the correct procedure is used on each individual rug. 

The centrifuge ingeniously removes 95% ensuring a faster turn around

Rotating brushes and rinsing jets are programmed to give a deep but gentle clean using biodegradable products. The centrifuge ingeniously removes 95% of the moisture which ensures a shorter drying process and faster turn around time. Your rug is monitored in the drying racks and finally prepared for a return to your home or business. Consider the benefits of having your rugs cleaned off-site at secure warehouses. 

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