Rug Cleaning Tips for Perth, Beaconsfield, Kardinya, and Fremantle: Beautiful rugs are a great way to spruce up any room. But constant foot activity might cause them to discolour and lose their charm. In light of this, it is incumbent upon homeowners to keep them clean regularly. Some householders use incorrect cleaning techniques while scrubbing their rugs.

When not cleaned properly, even the highest-quality rugs may quickly degrade. Because of this, we provide you with in-depth guides that walk you through the process step by step. There will be no damage to the carpets, and the rugs will begin to restore their natural colour and beauty if you follow these cleaning guidelines.

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Having difficulty cleaning your rug? Well, you are in luck. Today we’ll be sharing with you carpet cleaning tips that’ll have you cleaning carpet rugs like a pro. 

Capet rugs are an ideal addition to just about any home. Not only do they add warmth to homes but they also offer much-needed colour to help spice things up. However, for you to benefit from all this you need to know how to properly maintain a rug. One of the things you can do when it comes to maintaining your rug is cleaning it. Rug Cleaning Tips Perth Beaconsfield Kardinya Fremantle. Not just cleaning, but properly cleaning your rug.

To help you clean your carpet rug properly, we are sharing with you in this post-go-to carpet cleaning tips. Follow these carpet cleaning tips and you are sure to clean your rug like a pro. The carpet cleaning tips we’ll highlight in this post touch on the following key areas;

  • Carpet Cleaning Area
  • Vacuum
  • Carpet Rug Shampoo
  • Washing Your Rug
  • Rinsing Your Rug

Carpet Cleaning Area

Before embarking on any carpet rug cleaning project always make sure that you have an area set aside where you’ll clean it at. When settling on an ideal place there are a few things you ought to consider. This includes a perfect place to rinse it off or hang once you are done. In addition, go for an area that won’t be affected by the cleaning solution you will use. You should avoid carpet cleaning in areas such as your lawn as the cleaners might soak into the grass.

While a carpet cleaning area is important, always ensure that you choose the right time to clean your rug. Preferably, you should look at doing carpet cleaning during summer. Most importantly, you want days that are sunny. What this does is help speed up the process of the rug drying up.


Once you’ve identified an ideal location to carry out carpet cleaning your next step is vacuuming. Yes, before soaking your rug with water or even a cleaning shampoo make sure that you vacuum it. When vacuuming, vacuum the front and back of your carpet rug. What this does is help completely remove debris and dirt that’s hiding deep in your rug. When vacuuming the front part of your rug, the main priority is the rug’s fibres.

If you happen to have a dog, cat or any other pet consider removing pet hair before vacuuming. For this, you can make use of a brush attachment. This will allow you to properly remove pet hair from your rug if present. Once you’ve done all this you want to knock your rug a few times. If you see dust coming out, give it a few knocks till the dust starts to reside.    

Carpet Rug Shampoo

Are using the right shampoo? This a question you should ask yourself before taking up any carpet cleaning task. So how can you go about knowing this? Well, by carrying out a shampoo test. Before applying shampoo to your rug, apply it to a small portion of your rug. Mix it with some water and then let it rest.

The resting period should be around 40 minutes plus and once this time is up, rinse the area you applied the shampoo. Once you’ve rinsed it, proceed by doing some inspection. Basically, you want to inspect if there is any fibre or colour damage. If there is not then you are using the right shampoo for your carpet rug.  

In the event you are using a store-bought carpet cleaning shampoo, make sure you properly mix it. You can also opt to create your own shampoo. However, I wouldn’t necessarily advice. If you happen to do this, however, take liquid wash (small amount) and mix it with warm water. It is important that the mixture is warm because hot water is likely to shrink your rug. Furthermore, it might end up fading it making it look worn out and old.

Washing Your Rug

Now that you have identified the ideal shampoo for your carpet rug it’s time to wash it. First, you want to soak the rug as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to make it too wet as you want your rug to easily soak in the cleaning shampoo. Once you’ve soaked your rug with water, there are two things you can use to properly clean it.

One, you can use a sponge to apply the shampoo or cleaning solution to your rug. Second, you can use a soft-bristled cleaning brush. Either way, make sure that you are gentle. This will ensure that you don’t damage rug fibres when doing your carpet cleaning.

Once you’ve applied the shampoo on your rug let it rest for a few minutes. This will allow it to properly clean the fibres.  

Rinsing Your Rug

This phase in carpet cleaning is very important. With rinsing, there are a few things you want to do. One, you want to make sure that you completely do away with the shampoo or cleaning solution on the rug. Why is this important? Well, not doing so might result in your carpet having stains after a wash.

This is especially true when dealing with white rugs. To properly rinse your rug, you are going to need a garden hose. Again, don’t be afraid to wet the carpet, just focus on removing the cleaning solutions.

Once you are done rinsing your carpet rug, it’s time to remove all the excess water. You can be creative with this as they are many ways you can go about it. However, the most recommended way of removing excess water is by using a vacuum.

A vacuum helps to completely remove the excess water on your rug. You can alternatively give it a squeeze if its size allows it. Once you are pleased with the results, hang the carpet to dry. Don’t hang it on regular clothing lines. Rugs are very heavy when wet and might damage the ropes.

Give it a day or two for it to dry. During this time, flip your carpet rug over to ensure both sides are exposed to sunlight. This will help in ensuring all sides are completely dry.  


There you have easy carpet cleaning tips sure to help you clean your rug the right away. A word of advice, however, if you are working with a Persian rug it is best you seek professional advice. Why? Well, not only are they delicate but they are also very expensive. In other words, they are expensive and you can easily damage them.