Spills, spots and stains can make your carpets look ugly. If left untreated, stains can stubbornly on the carpet, putting off your shrewd-eyed guests. We are the Professionals in Stain Removal Hilton Spearwood West Perth

What Is a Spot and What Is a Stain?

Any spillage can be called a spot within 24 hours of the accident. As long as you treat spots quickly, they will not become stains. The latter on the other hand are hard to remove. Stains are more likely to become permanent fixtures on your carpet. 

Why Do You Need to Remove Stains Immediately?

The sooner you get rid of spills and stains, the better off your carpets will be. If it is a solid spill, vacuum or scrape it all up. If you have to deal with wet stains, blot up the liquid. You can use absorbent cloth or even a paper towel. Don’t rub the stain. You could use a hydrogen peroxide based chemical solution for tea or coffee stains. Use enzyme based solutions on food spills, blood or even urine. If you spill red wine, the go to solution should be red dye-removing cleaning products.

How Can You Prevent Spots and Stains on the Carpet?

You could use walk off mats to prevent muddy footprints from staining your carpet. Daily vacuuming and inspection is also important. Vacuuming removes surface dirt and risk of stains with it. You should also consider interim cleaning of your carpets to retain their fresh appearance. Carpet dry cleaning (bonnet cleaning) is the best interim cleaning option.

Why Do You Need to Deep Clean Periodically?

Immediate spot treatment and interim treatments can keep you carpets free of visible stains and dirt. But, if you wish for your carpets to last longer, you need to go for deep cleans from time to time. We recommend that you deep clean twice a year. That way you can enjoy your beautiful carpets for a long period of time. We are the Professionals in Stain Removal Hilton Spearwood West Perth

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