Are you ready to get your carpets cleaned and make them look almost as if they are brand new. If so, then you should know that there are a few methods to do this according to carpet cleaning in East Perth.

Steam and dry carpet cleaning are two popular methods used to clean carpets.

Steam Carpet Cleaning in Fremantle

Steam carpet cleaning uses hot water extraction to get dirt and grime off the carpet. The process involves vacuuming, applying a chemical spray, injecting water in high pressure, and using a special vacuum to remove water.

Steam carpet cleaning is beneficial as it kills bacteria and removes mould, mites, and allergens without leaving any residue. However, it does leave your carpet quite wet which can take up to 24 hours to completely dry.

Dry Cleaning Carpet Cleaning in Fremantle South

Dry carpet cleaning uses chemical powders to remove dirt and other particles from your carpet. This method only uses a small amount of water as opposed to steam cleaning. The process involves vacuuming, pre-treating stains, applying a chemical dry powder, and vacuuming the carpet to remove chemical traces and water.

Dry carpet cleaning is fast and is beneficial in treating stubborn spots and stains. However, this method build up residues that break down the fibres of your carpet. It may also not provide a deep clean like steam cleaning does.

Steam Vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning in East Fremantle

Both methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. Steam cleaning has a much longer drying time and may not be as effective as dry cleaning in terms of stain removal.

Dry carpet cleaning in Hilton uses minimal moisture and your floor will be ready to walk on, in no time. However, it may not provide a deep clean like steam does.

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