Tiled floors are durable, beautiful and generally easy to clean.  But, sometimes dirt and grime can work their way into tiled surfaces and take the shine off a little. How can you keep your tiled surfaces in pristine condition? We are the Professionals in Tile and Grout Cleaning Canningvale South Perth.

How to Clean Tiles?

Your go to tile cleaner should be water and dish soap. Vinegar is a popular solution, but it can be too acidic and damage grout. Simply spray your soapy water on the tiles and wipe with a clot or microfiber towel. But, before you clean your bathroom tiles, we suggest that you let hot water run for a few minutes to let steam build up. Once the tiles are sweating in the steam, they will be easier to clean.

How to Clean Grout?

Fill a spray bottle with hot water and arm yourself with a hard bristled brush. These two simple tools are quite effective in grout cleaning. But, be prepared for a lot of elbow grease and patience. Spray hot water on the grout and scrub away at those dirt lines. However, more stubborn grime might call for commercial grout cleaner.

But, when you use store bought grout cleaner, wear tough gloves and follow instructions to the tee.

When Should You Call Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners?

Apart from bad backs and lack of time, mould and mildew are signs that your tiles need professional care. When your tiles appear stained or look worse for wear, call a professional cleaning company. They will use a time tested, detailed process to make your tiles look spick and span. The process usually starts with vacuuming. Then the mopping and stain removal starts. And, then the serious business of steam cleaning with high-powered cleaners will take place. Once the tiles are nice and clean, your cleaning technician will thoroughly dry the area.

And, viola, your tiles will look as good as new. We are the Professionals in Tile and Grout Cleaning Canningvale South Perth.

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