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The sofa or recliner in the house is the place you always run for solace, especially after long day work. However, it is one of the most frequently used surfaces of a house. Kids and pets in the family often create a mess on upholstery. So, stains just happen. Treat the stains immediately to avoid the risk of permanent spots. 

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Make you furniture look feel and smell fresh

However, proper care is necessary to keep the furniture or sofa in a brand new look. Removing old stains from upholstery is a bit difficult but possible. So what’s the best way to tackle the upholstery stains?

Here are some smart tips and tricks to clean old or set-in stains and blemishes from upholstery in Perth. 

Vacuum the Sofa or Furniture

Before you start treating the stain with upholstery cleaning products, vacuum the furniture to remove dirt from the surface. This will prevent dust crumbs from settling inside the couch. Also, vacuuming will make the color of furniture bright and prevent any fading over time.

Make a habit of vacuuming furniture regularly prevent the sticking of dirt and debris on the already existing stain on your favorite sofa. 

Try Some Formulas for Different Type of Upholstery

Fabric and Synthetic Upholstery:

To cleanse the old or new stain from your fabric sofa, use a mixture of vinegar, warm water, and dish soap. Mix all these properly in almost equal ratio and put in spray bottle, and then spray on the affected area of your upholstery. Then, scrub with a soft cloth.

 Leather upholstery:

Is your light color leather sofa has stains which make it look dull or old? If yes, then you can try a mixture of olive oil with vinegar to lighten or remove the stains. Put the mixture into a good spray bottle and then spray it on leather couch and buff with a soft cloth. 


  • Before cleaning your complete couch with the recommended mixtures, test a small area for any discoloration. If you find it risky, then call for expert cleaners, they can handle the job with ease. 
  • After treating stains with liquid, dry out the furniture completely to save it from unwanted watermarks. 

Finally, call for Professional Upholstery Cleaners: 

It is possible that after using some tricks, you are still not able to get rid of the stain. Most of the time set-in stains require professionals help. Search for the best upholstery cleaning Perth wide and nearby suburbs like Dalkeith, Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, and Nedlands.

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