Ever wondered how the best upholstery cleaner Perth delivers quality service? Want to know the best way to clean upholstery in your home by yourself? Well, you are in luck. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the ultimate cleaning tips. Take these tips to heart and you are sure to clean the way professional cleaners in Perth do.

Regardless of how careful you are around your home, your household upholstery and carpets will at some point look worn out. Why? Well, due to several things like human traffic in your home. In fact, this alone is sure to make your carpet dirty or even dull up the look of your sofas. Even worse, it might result in spots and stains appearing on your carpet or sofas. In the end, this will leave your sofa, carpet or upholstery smelling and looking nothing close to fresh. Hence, it is important you clean them regularly.

Upholstery Cleaner Perth Ultimate Tips To Help You Clean Like A Pro - Upholstery Cleaner Perth: Ultimate Tips To Help You Clean Like A Pro

Luckily, there are several ways you can go about doing this. For instance, you can do it yourself or seek upholstery cleaning services from upholstery cleaner Perth. If you choose to do the cleaning on your own below you’ll find tips that’ll help you clean like professional upholstery cleaners in Perth. In particular, this upholstery cleaner Perth post will get to cover these key three tips;

  • Doing Pre-Inspection
  • Carrying Out Colour Fastness Test
  • Pre-Conditioning The Fabric

Doing Pre-Inspection

Before carrying out any upholstery cleaning service, you need to do a pre-inspection. During your pre-inspection, you want to identify the type of fabric you are dealing with. Why is this important? Well, different types of household upholstery, sofas and carpets have different fabrics. Furthermore, different fabrics react differently to various cleaning solutions. If you fail to get this right you might end up damaging your sofa, carpet or upholstery fabrics altogether.

Want an easy to work with fabric? I’d advice going for products made using synthetic fabrics. Not only are they easy to use but also easy to maintain. When making a purchase it’s good to avoid woven fabrics. The same also applies to items with too much texture. Why? Well, both of them are hard to care for let alone clean.

Carrying Out Colour Fastness Test

Another top tip in this upholstery cleaner Perth post is colour fastness testing. It is important you use the safest cleaning procedure. One way of ensuring you are using the right procedure is doing a colour fastness test. To do this, you’ll have to test the fabric dyes. This will help you determine the ideal colour fastness for your fabric. Hence, help you settle on a cleaning procedure.

Don’t know how to go about carrying out a colour fastness test? Or maybe you are not sure whether you are using the right cleaning procedure? Well, it is always good to seek expert advice in such situations. Alternatively, you can opt to test the cleaning procedure on a different surface. If it reacts well with your sample surface, you can proceed to use your preferred cleaning procedure.

Pre-Conditioning The Fabric

A common mistake many make when doing this type of cleaning is failing to pre-condition the fabric. Why is this step important? Well, it helps to loosen dust mites or soil trapped on the fabrics. In addition to loosening trapped soil, this step helps maximize the effectiveness of extracting the soil. This, of course, will only happen if you do the pre-conditioning the right way.

This step is more so important if you are carpet cleaning using hot water extraction. It is also ideal when it comes to removing tough stains or body oils using deep cleaning method. Once you’re done pre-conditioning the fabric, extract the suspended dust mites or soils from the fabric. If you do these two steps correctly you’ll have fabric that is clean and fresh.

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