Carpet Cleaning in Perth Carpet Cleaning South Perth: Top Tips for Long-lasting Carpets!. Despite the wide variety of flooring products available on the market, carpets manage to remain popular. People love the warmth and softness that it offers unlike the roughness of tile, wood, vinyl, and stone floors. Here are top tips from the experts in carpet cleaning in Perth carpet cleaning South Perth for long-lasting carpet flooring.

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Carpet Cleaning in Perth Carpet Cleaning South Perth: Top Tips for Long-lasting Carpets! Dirt can cut into the carpet fibres and damage them. When you walk across a carpet, the dirt particles get stuck in the fibers. The secret to keeping your carpets clean is to make sure the high-traffic areas of your home remains clean. Make sure to vacuum the areas that are treaded frequently, at least thrice a week. You can vacuum the rest of the carpeting every week. 

Avoid Dragging Furniture Over Carpets

Next time you decide to rearrange your furniture make sure to carry them. Dragging furniture across carpeted floors in a big no-no! This may cause unnecessary wear and tear on the carpet. In certain instances, the dragging causes the fibres on the carpet to melt. 

Deep Clean the Carpets

Get a deep cleansing done by professionals in carpet cleaning in Perth. Your carpets need a little pampering to maintain its quality. Use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company at least twice or thrice a year for long-lasting carpets.

Keep Your Socks on

It may feel great to bury your feet on the softness of the carpet! However, the oil on your bare feet rubs off on the fibers, shortening the life of your carpet. Be kind to your carpet by only removing the shoes and keeping your socks on. The results will be amazing in the long run and you’ll save tons of money.