Tiling and grout are notorious for attracting dirt only removable by expert grout cleaning Perth professionals. Whether the tiling is on the floor or the wall, the smooth surface is a dirt magnet. Consider the grout and tiling in a hotel bathroom. Because of the steam and constant exposure to moisture, mold is prone to grow.

Such grime can leave the bathroom looking dirty, unhygienic and unappealing, hurting the establishment’s business. Also, consider the tiles in a commercial kitchen. With all the food splattering on the tiles, they can get a thick layer of resistant dirt. Not to mention black-tar-looking grout trails.

Working with an expert grout cleaning Perth company can help solve such dilemmas and get the floors and walls back to sparkling clean.

Tile and Grout Care Tips

Most people wait to call in a tile and grout cleaner Perth when the surface becomes extremely dirty. This option is not always a good idea.

Maintaining the tiles and grout in relatively decent shape is as easy as following a few simple steps:

  • Keep the surface dry: Moisture and dirt mix up to make tiled surfaces dirty and unsightly. If the surfaces are in an area with lots of moisture, try to keep the surfaces dry by airing the space.
  • Clean often: Tile and grout surfaces, as mentioned, are dirt magnets. To keep them sparkling clean, clean them as often as possible. Cleaning a spot when some dirt becomes apparent can help. It could also mean contracting a tile and grout cleaning company in Perth to clean the area regularly.
  • Repair broken tiles: If a tile cracks or breaks or if the grout becomes damaged, get repairs done immediately. Cracked tiles and damaged grout allow water and moisture to seep in under the tiles. This damage leads to the growth of mold, further damaging adjacent tiles.

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