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If your kitchen or bathroom tiles have limescale, they are sure to look old, grimy and dull. Luckily, you can easily eliminate this limescale and make your tiles look brand new. How? Well, by taking up our grout colouring service. Read on to find out how this great service works.   

If your house happens to have tiles, chances are they’ll start looking grimy and dull as the days, months or years go by. In the event this happens, there are usually two options available for you. One is opting to go with a DIY project. This usually involves the use of a variety of cleaning methods and products. Furthermore, countless hours working on cleaning your tiles perfectly.

The second option is normally seeking the services of an expert. That said many opt to go with seeking expert services. A big reason why this is so is the process and time involved in cleaning tiles or removing grout perfectly. In addition, experts do have a wide variety of new techniques sure to make your old tiles look absolutely brand new.

One such expert in Australia is Expert Carpet Cleaning and today I’ll be sharing with you details on how their grout colouring service can make your tiles look brand new. In particular, I’ll be showing you what to expect with Expert Carpet Cleaner’s grout colouring service.

Why Expert Carpet Cleaning Grout Colouring Service

One of the services Expert Carpet Cleaning offers its clients in Australia is grout colouring service. Not sure what this is? Well, it’s basically the process of colouring grout. Depending on your taste and design, you can practically go for any grout colour.

This process, grout colouring, is usually very reliable when it comes to making tiles look brand new thus the reason Expert Carpet Cleaning propose it to its Australian clients. Furthermore, it is way better if compared to other tile cleaning methods. That said, below we get to look at the process involved in Expert Carpet Cleaner’s grout colouring service. The areas we’ll get to look at are;

  • Deep Grout Cleaning
  • Colour Application
  • Removing Excess Colour

Deep Grout Cleaning

Any given grout colouring service carried out by Expert Carpet Cleaning starts with a deep cleaning of the grout. This is a very crucial step that some make a mistake of skipping and as such end up with bad results. So why is grout cleaning important? Well, it allows you to remove all the dirt including tough stains in your tile. Yes, this includes soap scrum, grease or dust. 

The best part about settling with Expert Carpet Cleaning is that we do have the techniques, equipment and products needed to deal with tough stains. Therefore, we are in a position to carry out grout clouring on extremely clean surfaces or tiles.

Colour Application

Once the cleaning process is done, the tiles are left to dry after which Expert Carpet Cleaning apply the desired colour to your grout. Working with white tiles makes the entire process of grout colouring very simple and easy. Coloured tiles, however, complicate the entire process of grout cleaning.

Why? Well, it all comes down to colour clashing. You wouldn’t want to end up with a finished product that lucks design appeal due to colour clashing. Unfortunately, this is usually the case for many especially those who opt for a DIY project. The same also goes for those who settle with grout cleaners that don’t know what they are doing.  

With Expert Carpet Cleaning, however, you don’t have to worry about colour clashing. Expert Carpet Cleaning offer expert advice on which colours to match for you to really bring out the design you want for your tiles. Even better, we do this while maintaining your style and taste.

Removing Excess Colour

Once we’ve applied the colour, the next step is removing it. This we usually do immediately we complete each tile. This we do so as to ensure we deliver a clean and crisp grout colouring service. In general, this process usually takes more than 24 hours or a day to complete. However, you’ll be able to see the transformation of your tile as soon as we start removing the excess colour.   


Grout colouring is without a doubt the go-to method for any project that involves making tiles look brand new. Therefore, if you are struggling with old, dull and grimy tiles, simply phone Expert Carpet Cleaning and let us transform your tiles for you.

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