We have all had to deal with how to clean vomit off carpet. It’s not a pleasant task but must be done immediately, even if you call in the pros like us. If not you may never completely get rid of the vomit smell. The trick is to clean vomit from carpet yourself and then call a professional to finish up the job for you. Professional cleaning ensures the excess vomit does not absorb into the fibres too deeply.

How to Clean Vomit off Carpet Step by Step

    1. Put on a pair of gloves.
    2. Get a scraper, or anything flat sided. Scrape the excess vomit into a dustpan covered with a trash bag. Follow these instructions and then call us at Expert Carpet Cleaning. The carpet cleaner will finish up the job for you and remove the vomit stain that remains. Unfortunately, this is the best regarding how to clean vomit off carpet. If you opt not to use a professional, you might try dry cleaning solvent when the stain is dry.  Carpet stains are usually inevitable after such an incident. If dealing with a throw rug, you can dry clean it after you have done your best. If the carpet is small, you can dry clean the carpet after you have cleaned it as best as you can.
    3. Now you need to blot the stain with paper towels or a clean cloth (not coloured cloth) and then discard. Do not rub, blot, rubbing will not help in removing vomit but instead push it farther inside of the carpet.
    4. Next step is cleaning what remains. Include 80% of the following: white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and 20% water.
    5. Have some cup of warm water on hand to blot the carpet (not rub) to remove the cleaning solution.
    6. Mix your cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray the area. This solution will treat the area and help to clean and disinfect it.
    7. Wait 15 minutes.
    8. Clean the carpet again using dry paper towels, blotting the moisture out.
    9. Let dry.
    10. Consider spraying natural essential oils into the air mixed with alcohol, so the oils don’t stain. You can spray the stain from a distance but don’t get the oils too close to the carpet. Essential oils will help to remove any remaining odour.

When the area is dry and if a stain remains, consider calling us at 0418 957 690 or book an online appointment here with us.