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Do I need to hire a professional to do my upholstery cleaning? Better yet, can I and should I do my own upholstery cleaning? Here is everything you should know. 

If you have upholstery, chances are you want to keep them looking new at all times. For this to be a reality, you’ll need to properly maintain them. Part of maintaining your upholstery is properly cleaning them. Properly cleaning your upholstery has several benefits. For instance, you’ll be able to quickly pick on dirt before it becomes part of your upholstery.

Given its importance, many wonder if they should do the cleaning on their own. So should they? Well, the best answer to this is yes and no. To back this up, we’ll look at why you should seek professional upholstery cleaning services. In addition, we’ll look at situations where DIY upholstery cleaning projects can work.


  • Help Deal with Tough Odours
  • Remove Tough Stains
  • You Get What You Pay For
  • Specialist Upholstery Cleaners
  • Guaranteed Safe Cleaning

Help Deal with Tough Odours

If there is something you wouldn’t want in your home is a bad odour. While you might be able to tackle some odour in your home, it’s not always recommended. Why is this? Well, some odours are extremely tough and they are hard to remove. A good number of tough odours are as a result of babies or pets. Certain actions by your babies or pets might result in tough odours. Also, sweat percolation and dust can make your upholstery produce a dampening smell. This is more so true if they build up over a period of time. This dampening smell in most cases is very hard to deal .

Remove Tough Stains

Tough stains are another reason why you need the services of a professional cleaner. For many, dealing with stains is very important. This is more so true if you are expecting guests. With important guests coming to your home, you wouldn’t want to have stains on your sofa or carpet. As a result of this, it is recommended that you seek the services of an expert. With professional upholstery cleaning service, all tough stains will disappear.

As a result, they’ll have your  looking spick and span, perfect conditions for when guests come over. Furthermore, the services of a pro will have your dull upholstery looking good as new. In other words, you’ll receive new upholstery experience without making any purchase.

You Get What You Pay For

With professional upholstery cleaning, you get exactly what you pay for. So what exactly are you paying for? Well, you are paying for professional . One of the benefits associated with taking up such services is cleaning techniques. With professional upholstery cleaners, you get a variety of upholstery cleaning techniques. When it comes to upholstery cleaning, cleaning techniques are very important.  

Why is this? Well, different carpets and furniture require different cleaning techniques. Professional cleaners know exactly what cleaning technique to use and for what upholstery. It’s as a result of this that they are able to offer a great cleaning service. In addition, they are able to maintain the quality of the upholstery they clean.

Specialist Upholstery Cleaning

Specialist upholstery cleaning is another reason why you need pro cleaning services. With specialist carpet and furniture cleaners, you get specialized upholstery cleaning. This is made possible thanks to a wide range of cleaners who offer special services. For instance, you have the option of seeking pro cleaners specialized in dealing with tough stains. These might include soil, pet urine or wine stains. In addition to offering specialized cleaning, they do so safely. This helps keep the quality of your carpet or furniture at its peak.

Guaranteed Safe Cleaning

Another reason why you need the services of a professional cleaner is safe cleaning. Expert cleaners always ensure that they clean your upholstery with the utmost care. This ultimately goes to help them offer safe upholstery cleaning services. In addition to using the utmost care, they also use safe clean Professional cleaning methods and products. These methods help them leave your upholstery in pristine condition. Rs give an experience of safe cleaning that’ll extend the life of your upholstery.

Should You Do Your Upholstery Cleaning?

DIY upholstery cleaning projects are only ideal when dealing with small projects. Hence, if you happen to have demanding cleaning projects, it is advised to seek help. It is good to note however that doing your own upholstery cleaning does have its benefits. To begin with, it is very convenient. With a DIY project, there is no pre-booking. Furthermore, you don’t have to schedule pickups for your cleaner. Other advantages include;

Are you in need of professional upholstery cleaning? Well, you can count on Expert Carpet Cleaning. We deliver the very best in upholstery cleaning. Our team of professional cleaners have lots of experience in upholstery cleaning. Additionally, they use the very best in cleaning techniques, products and equipment. This allows us to deliver top-notch cleaning carpet and furniture cleaning services.

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