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Carpets add a certain pizzazz, but entail a lot of maintenance. Here are some cleaning hacks to make your carpet look good before you look for Carpet cleaning services in Perth.

Use shoe racks and rubber mats

Outdoor gear brings in dirt and debris so avoid transferring these particles to your textile decor. Rubber mats at strategic points can trap lingering particles on your shoes. Instead of walking around inside with your shoes on, put them on a shoe rack near the door and switch to indoor slippers or shoe socks. Use a squeegee to get pet dander off the carpet.

Remove stains using a steam iron

Heavy stains like from blood, candle wax, food or beverages are the hardest to remove. A steam iron may help with some of these dreaded stains. Vacuum to remove particles, then apply a water and vinegar mixture to soak the stains. A damp towel before blasting the stain with a steam iron will absorb some of the goo dislodged by the steam.

Combat oil stains using baking soda

Oil stains are the worst as carpet fibers absorb the oils, making it hard to extract. Baking soda absorbs oil from fibers and forms a dry crust, which can be vacuumed. Repeat until the stain gets lighter, then use the steam iron. If this fails, Carpet cleaning services in South Perth can help you.

Treat spills as soon as possible

The golden rule is to clean a spill as soon as it happens as dried out spills are harder to clean. A carpet – especially natural fiber– is like a sponge. Blot gently with a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb the contents and avoid pushing the liquid deep into the fibers. Try the water and vinegar mixture or a light detergent with water to clean the patch.

Description: These tips will help make cleaning easier and keep your carpet looking fresh longer.

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